INFERNO Satellite Art Venue: Barbosa Prince ART PARLOR: Paintings from the Mind of Rocky Angel!


meditationontherainbowstar1Our Satellite Gallery  in Alameda, CA is  having a show on 2nd Fridays

Join us!

July 12th 6 to 9pm
2410  Lincoln Ave.
Alameda, CA. 94501

in Alameda, CA….. this coming July 12th 6 to 9pm. The art of Rocky Angel will be on Display!

From Urban Legends to the mysteries of the universe- Rocky Angel opens the gift of insight with his revealing paintings. Outer space, aliens, nudism, psychic revelations, Satanic insight, scientific anamolies, and government conspiracies unwrapped! Don’t miss it! Mark your calendar! Write it on your hand or have it tattooed on your face.

Also get a glimpse of some of my latest work for an upcoming show of Barbosa Prince art at AUTOBODY FINE ART on August 3rd, 2019.

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