infgal1INFERNO Gallery is housed in the Vulcan Studios in East Oakland, CA. The building is an old iron factory that produced a product called R-MOR EDGE. In honor of the building’s history as a place of burning fires and its location in nether region of Oakland we chose to name the gallery INFERNO in reference to the first portion of the great poet Dante Alighieri’s literary work “The Divine Comedy.”

The gallery is simple L shaped layout of 800 sq. ft. The space includes two permanent installations. “Flammen” a floor design produced with saffron by German artist Antonia Zotti and “The Gates” a double-door sculpture by Barbosa Prince. INFERNO Gallery would like to thank and Ellen Szita author of the book “Wild about Saffron: A Contemporary Guide to An Ancient Spice” for their kind donations for production of the gallery floor. In addition a special thanks to collector Glynda Cotton for the 60’s Sputnik chandelier that graces the gallery’s interior.gates