INFERNO also has classes, below you will find a schedule. All classes are held at the gallery space at 4401 San Leandro St. Oakland, CA. 94601.

We can accommodate private painting lessons for individuals or groups on a case by case basis.Additionally we offer consulting and private instruction on building and informed art collection. WE can provide valuable guidance for individuals who are in a position of acquiring art for corporate or private business collections. Please email us with your query.

$Cost is determined on a needs basis. Please inquire via email


CRITIQUE FOR ARTISTS OF ALL LEVELScope-charles-west-the-council-of-the-royal-academy-selecting-pictures-for-the-exhibition-1875-1875

For a fee e can provide artists of all levels with valuable feedback. This is a 2 hour session where you can bring your art in and discuss aesthetic and technical aspects of your work. It is a great way to grow your practice and learn from others.