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May 22- June 21 David Burke and Clint Imboden
June 26- July 17 Anne Ross, James Shefik, and Dixon Schneider
July 24- August 23 Mimi Vitetta, Ren Dodge, Lia Walker
September 18 – October 11 Barbosa Prince, JC Garrett, Rocky Angel, William Latham
October 23 -  November 20 Jacqueline Cooper and Helen Bayly
December 18th Jan 1 Vulcan Artist Group Show

Book Release: Vulcanites- A Glimpse of People in their Creative Spaces


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Available now! Vulcanites: A Glimpse of People in their Creative Spaces

In this beautiful book, photographer Ren Dodge examines people in their homes at Vulcan Studios aka Vulcan Lofts in East Oakland, California. A steel factory turned artists live-work space has spawned a vibrant community of artists, free thinkers and friends. The unique interior architecture and vivid personalities pose a compelling subject for documentary photography. Coupled with snippets of text written by the subjects, Vulcanites offers a portal into a not so often seen world of interesting individuals who shape the creative community in Oakland. Dodge was born Minneapolis, MN. His award winning artwork has been displayed at galleries, festivals, and art exhibits in Oakland and San Francisco. He is the principal at Ren Dodge Photography.

Vulcanites: A Glimpse of People in their Creative Spaces
by Ren Dodge
160 Pages
INFERNO co. Publications
Order here!
Available in Softcover $89.99 or hardcover $129.99

Vulcan Artists Group Show Opening Night


This past Friday the Vulcan Artist group show opened and was a stellar event. If you weren’t there you should have been.  Brilliant art from behind the walls of the Vulcan Lofts. Locals and folks from around the bay came to the celebration.

We also launched Vulcanites the first INFERNO co. publication book by photographer Ren Dodge. A glimpse behind the door of residents of the Vulcan Lofts. Opening Night : Vulcan Group Show You can order a print version or ebook here.