Closing Reception Raw Intentions, TOMA Gallery and Prop Box Puppetry and Aerial Performance


IMG_6576This Saturday July 1st is an evening of art and performance in our corner of East Oakland!

All these spaces are located at: 4401 San Leandro st. Oakland,CA. 94601

INFERNO Gallery is hosting the closing of Raw Intentions – New Paintings by Silvie Lukacova 6-9pm

•TOMA Gallery – two doors down from us TOMA will be open with a display of art and utility objects. 6-9pm

da22b16d6ddc5f8ec24d8715c844b6ce• Prop Box Studio  (three doors down from INFERNO on 45th ave.) is proud to present the aerial arts, acrobatics, and puppetry of interdisciplinary physical performer and multimedia artist. Ariel Schmidtke. Tickets by donation
Doors at 6:30 pm, snacks and drinks available.
Opening acts at 7:00 pm

Come by INFERNO And we will point you to our neighboring galleries!

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