INTIMATE EXPRESSIONISTS : New work – Jacqueline Cooper, Amy Pollman, and Tessa McKaig


cooperpollmanmckaigOpening October 24th, 2014
6pm to 9pm

INFERNO presents INTIMATE EXPRESSIONISTS. A three woman show that touches the pressure points of our deepest sensitivities. Jacqueline Cooper creates paintings that are beautiful and alluring. Graphic and succint her work speaks of the innermost passions of human relationships.  Through her imitable painting style, utilising translucent chroma and soft light, she reveals a series of work filled with desirable flesh and sensual activity. Amy Pollman is a conceptual artist that employs unorthodox materials to create work that creates a discourse about the idiosyncrasies of the collective modern condition. This exhibition, which features her sculptural ‘Twinkie’ and ‘Play-doh’ series, is a prime example of her inventiveness and ability to appropriate the supposedly mundane into ironically articulate observations of the surrealistic character of contemporary existence. Tessa McKaig‘s drawings tap into the familial human relationships birthed from 60’s TV series ideals.  Her use of pastel color reverberates iconic versions of period media that flourished and formulated the American mindset. Although her work appears warm and inviting, the eyeless figures have haunting undertones that speak volumes of plasticity of American sensibilities and genuineness. All the artists present a powerful display of work, this show is not to be missed!


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