Wanton Expressions! Opening Reception: New Work from Barbosa Prince, JC Garrett, & Rocky Angel


princegarrewttangel.2Reception for the Artists
September 19th, 2014
6 to 9pm

Fine Art has many incarnations, but much of what comes to the forefront of the art world is formulated to hit popular pressure points and is purposefully visually pleasing for an over the couch existence in the abodes of the bourgeoisie.

Underneath this green grass of pretty art, and its seemingly freshness, resides an underworld miasma of visual chaos that exposes the unknown, the darkness of human capabilities, and the depths of lust and deviation.  The three artists in Wanton Expressions! expose and celebrate these realms from politics to conspiracy to human desire.

Barbosa Prince paints the powers that shake the world from the horrors of the Mexican drug war to the hypocrisy of gross opulence in American society. His meta-expressionistic style is painterly manic, vivid in poetic representation, and unafraid in its execution.  JC Garrett employs digital media and touches upon unrestrained lust, and perverted desires with his imitable exquisite drawing style. He utilizes a variety of personalities, from 60’s pin ups and political figures to his alter egos, in compositions that touch upon subverting and degrading their positions of power. Rocky Angel demystifies the mysteries of the universe with his folk inspired storytelling paintings. From UFOs to the nature of religion and divine interference we gain insight into the workings of the world and the forces behind them.

Beautiful, decadent, and unapologetic these artists have the courage to paint wantonly without reservation or guilt!


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