Opening Reception: Learning To Fly – Charity Romero

Opening Reception: Friday Nov. 20th 2009  – 7pm to 9pm
Artwork up through February 20th, 2010

Romero has taken her sculpture to a new level. Her show in 2008 contained pieces that were made over a period of more than a year. Although the work contained a consistent thread and vitality her latest work has gone beyond last year’s show.

Learning to Fly is comprised of work made in the last three months. Romero immersed herself in her studio and forbade all things except the engagement of art making. This past year she suffered through the rush of emotions from the multiple deaths of friends and upheaval in her personal life. This work is clearly a direct connection with the swell of emotions and sentiments she has been experiencing. Her relationship with clay and found images, that she incorporates in her work, has taken a quantum leap to a new level.

She chose to go beyond individual pieces and created sculpture as installation. Each work stands on its own in addition to being a critical piece of the world she has created in the gallery.

Brilliantly executed!

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