Satellite Show- Perspectives: Kwadwo Otempong and Kevin Balcora


We re gearing for some shows this year. In the meantime we have a satellite show setting up in Richmond, CA at Bridge Storage and Artspace. Located at 23 Maine Ave. Richmond, CA. Director GP Barbosa Prince has curated this show with Bridge’s Iris Alroy. One of the highlighted artist is Kwadwo Tempo who will be having a solo show at INFERNO in 2019.

For now set your calendar to include the show Perspectives in Richmond, CA. details below:Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 11.09.51 AM

The language of art with regard to 2D work is an amalgamation of line, shape and shadow and their relationship to surface. This physicality is paired with visual clues that speak of the deeper intellectual aspects of the art work. In the case of Perspectives cultural origins are paramount. Both artists are utilizing cultural inconography that speak of influences which have affected the direction of their visual elements. For Kwadwo Otempong his childhood experience growing us in Ghana has informed his foundation for use of American related consumer products used to create tactile paintings that comment on his relationship with the opulence of American life as demonstrated by the abundance of consumer choices. In Kevin Balcora’s case, Chinese caligraphy has married into traditional street graffiti creating a tactile and lyrical line usage. These relationships make for a foundation of art language that results in some incredible paintings that Balcora has explored extensively.


Tijuana Bibles Revisited! July 28th, 2018 6-9pm


Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 12.37.27 PM Tijuana Bibles Revisited! highlights a group of artists who are creating unique publications that are produced in the same sexual liberal spirit of the original Tijuana Bibles. Tijuana Bibles (also known as eight-pagers, Tillie-and-Mac books, Jiggs-and-Maggie books, jo-jo books, and two-by-fours) were palm-sized pornographic comic books produced in the United States from the 1920s to the early 1960s. tijuana_bibles

Curated by Artists Barbosa Prince and Alex Law, INFERNO brings together artists from the bay area and around the US who cover the wide gamut of sex/porn comics that beautifully illustrate and story today’s gender and sexual spectrums. We will have original art and publications on display and some for sale with artists available to sign copies. This show is a celebration and embrace of porn, sex and gender liberation.

Join us for an opening reception in honor of the Artists!
Saturday JULY 28th, 2018
6 to 9pm
4401 San Leandro St. #50
Oakland, CA 94601

AJ Acuña -Mx. Sexuality and Romance

TOFU+BEAST – A Field Guide to BL Chimpo
Remy Boydell – BASEMENT SLUTS & The Pervert
Stereoscope Comics – The Consentacle Chronicles: Book 1 & Black Label
JC Garrett – Bunny Tales
Noora Heikkilä – Letters for Lucardo

Alex Law – BubbleGum Lovers & The Cutest Gangbang
Michelle Perez – The Pervert
Milkweed Zine – Issue IV: FANTASY
Niki Smith – Crossplay

Iron Spike – Smut Peddler, Smut Peddler Presents: My Monster Boyfriend,
Yes, Roya: written by Spike, art by Emilee Denich

“If you’re not going to offend somebody you don’t need the First Amendment.” Larry Flynt IMG_0334

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BY POPULAR DEMAND! Re-Opening Event: Ezra Li Eismont Mini-Retrospective



Friday March 30th, 2018

6 to 9pm

Join the INFERNO in celebrating Ezra Li Eismont’s Re-opening for his Mini-Retrospective. We will have more prints available – the artist is present to sign any work or personalize your piece. There will also be the last copies of Zombie Nation Book by Ezra Li…this is a limited edition book. There will also be a selection of oddities, objets d’art, books, comics and more. Come for an evening of Art at the fiery furnace of fine art -INFERNO!